Giulio Delvè

Hotel Tritone, 2010, umbrellas, motor, ball bearings, wood, 360x360x340
Salzerac, 2011, connections in cast iron, flexible tubes and plumbing equipment, bottles, 254x85x80 cm
Medusa, 2011, connections in cast iron, flexible tubes and plumbing equipment, bottles, 175x85x70 cm

“For those who wish to analyze the past in order to enhance our awareness and comprehension of living reality, the language of art may confer a privileged vantage point. My work aims at investigating intersections, at giving form to the results of documentation, reading and analyses of places and situations; I personally study, observe and analyze objects, architectures and elements in order to provoke thought on their intended function, and on what could result from a change therein. A reflection on the power and the capacity of symbols to create spatio-temporal correlations.”
(Giulio Delvè)

Giulio Delvè uses various media, with a particular focus on sculpture and installations, and an empirical and analytical approach that regards the process of artistic creation as a key to understanding the world that surrounds us.

His starting point is everyday experience, which he studies, scrutinizes, analyzes and subsequently decontextualizes in order to lay bare the perversity and madness in human behavior. Delvè often works with household tools and objects which, when removed from their customary environment, take on a different “function” and provoke a semantic short circuit.

The artist creates assemblages and installations with materials that have an intrinsic narrative function, born of interwoven visual correlations, historical information and personal and collective memories. His works are often structured in strata, reflecting themes and shapes inherent to the performative process involved in their making: as if the act of construction were but an appendix, an extension of the intellectual operation, whereby the process of creation takes precedence over the end result. In many of his projects, Delvè investigates intersections, affinities and links between seemingly unconnected events and situations, and presents a series of documentations, with readings and analyses. The aesthetic dimension is thus always the result of a quest, the outcome of which can never be predetermined.

Vincenzo de Bellis

Born 1984, Naples.
He lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Naples, Italy.

Solo shows

2010: Giulio Delvè+Mauro Folci, PAN, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, Naples, Italy
2008: Four Rooms, Project Room, MADRE - Museo d’Arte contemporanea DonnaRegina, Naples, Italy

Group shows

2011: Bedtime stories Badtime stories, Supportico Lopez, Berlin
2010: Contemporary energy. Italian attitudes, Supec Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
2009:, Fondazione Merz, Turin, Italy
Supermegadrops 5, Crac, Cremona, Italy
2008: Classroom#1, Project Room, MADRE - Museo d’Arte contemporanea DonnaRegina, Naples, Italy

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