Message from Ariane de Rothschild

The Ariane de Rothschild Prize lies at the heart of our family’s philanthropic tradition, which for nearly two centuries has combined rigor, daring and innovation.

By undertaking with the Foundation that bears my name to discover and support young artists, I wished to offer an alternative to more traditional paths to recognition, whether commercial or institutional. I hope this invitation will encourage the unexpected and the unusual, and inspire an international jury - selected according to the most demanding quality criteria - to apply its vast experience to discovering new talent.

It was important for me to be personally involved in this project, which consists not only of identifying these artists, but of supporting them in what I hope will be their future success. Mindful of the core mission of our Foundations - to encourage education - I considered it essential for the prize to provide access to the best university institutions during the laureate's time as artist in residence. Through exposure to a cosmopolitan environment, the laureate will receive formal teaching and be able to compare his or her artistic approach to those of peers.

In addition to this unique prize, it is also important to organize an exhibition for all the nominees and pay tribute to their artwork by publishing a catalogue raisonné.

I am especially proud to present this collection, and invite you to imagination and dialogue as you discover these works.

Ariane de Rothschild

Ariane de Rothschild
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