Pedro Neves Marques

UNTITLED (BLUE SERIES), 2006-2007 | Oil on treated paper, 32x24 cm each (set of twelve)

The series of drawings by Pedro Neves Marques is dominated by the non-color: the trait of the monochrome that suspends the descriptive “captions” of a space where the situation or the encounter has to be completed by the viewer. Another constant in this collection are the recurring architectural extension or supporting structures – balconies, arches, stairways, columns, window-sills – that, in the drawings, seem to materialize a contained void. Observing the limits of the interior of architecture, the artist also articulates an idea of individual memory to be projected on the common space; the absence of living signs in the spatial organization allows the filling up of these territories with personal narratives. The ensemble of the images draws the route of a body with no destiny, a distracted digression where the gaze, through memory, consents to a physical participation in a place that was left open. The work of this artist is extensive and uses many different supports, ranging from the more commonly associated to visual arts (from drawing to photography) to writing and film, which he uses to build his discourse.

Born in Lisbon, 1984


2007 BA in Fine Arts/Painting Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa


2007 Ambulatório, Eira33, Lisbon
2007 Antes que a produção cesse, Espaço Avenida, Lisbon
2007 BES Revelação, Museu Casa de Serralves, Porto
2006 O Pavilhão de Augusta Narval, Lisbon
2004 T8, Lisbon


2006 Moloch e os Actos de Criação
2007 O Desenho de Fuga: Recensão de Impactos Históricos da Estética Actual, Leitura Comparativa de Exemplo Próximo à Cidade de Berlim, together with Mariana Silva

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