André Almeida E Sousa

UNTITLED, 2007 | Gouache on paper, 170x224 cm each (set of four)

In his artistic practice, André Almeida e Sousa starts with collecting pictures, clippings and photographs, mostly in black and white. This informs us that the artist combines the appropriation of a certain memory and the process through which that image-memory is upgraded (introducing color or reframing the picture), suggesting a point of contact of a personal narrative with the original image. The drawing of tree-tops and trunks or of pieces of sky and clouds is interrupted by the confinement of the gaze upon a detail of the growth of trees, which becomes abstract representation. The link between the images suggests no narrative of a route, event or the description of a memory, but rather a way of looking and remembering. The nature of the drawings, the quality of the color fields and the way they dissolve in the sheet of paper evoke the vagueness of the residues left on the sheet underneath the sheet that first received the drawing. This is not the representation of an image that was observed, but rather of one that was pierced. It is through the disarrangement of the drawings on the paper, through the displacement of the drawing to the corner of the visual field or the recentering of the rectangle that composes the sheet of paper that the artist conveys the notion of the creation of a language based on the representation of non-existent landscapes, on the exploration of inner territories and on the drawing of a poetic map.

Born in the Azores, 1974


2001 Scholar of Fundação Victor e Graça Carmona e Costa, Lisboa
2001 Visual Arts Advanced Course Ar.Co., Lisboa
1998 Course from Rietveld Academie, Amesterdão


2006 Galeria João Esteves Oliveira, Lisboa
2006 Biblioteca Pública e Acervo Regional de Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Açores 2002 Galeria Franco.Steggink, São Miguel, Açores
2001 Galeria Paula Fampa, Braga


2004 Evocações da Paisagem – Uma Antologia de 10 Anos de Pintura nos Açores, São Miguel, Açores
2003 Auction in favour of Ar.Co., CCB, Lisboa
2001 46.º Salão Europeu de Jovens Criadores,Montrouge, Sant Cugat e Amarante
2000 Exposição de Verão, Ar.Co., Quinta de São Miguel, Almada
2000 Atelier da Rua Damasceno Monteiro,Lisboa

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