David Rosado

URBAN TALK IN A FUNDAMENTAL RELATION, 2007 | Mixed media on canvas,
150x120 cm

One figure stands out from the mixture of colors, shapes and nuances of a kaleidoscopic image, where the reference of the line of the horizon was left out and replaced by an abyss of demarcation of disconnected, irregular, and fleeting spaces. In Urban talk in a fundamental relation, the painting seems to suggest that the viewer takes over the body left empty by the figure that watches the image of diversity left after a bus trip through a big city. The centralized and free point of view of the individual that moves through the city, in the midst of the turmoil of people and events, has been a topic in visual arts ever since the appearance of the flâneur. In David Rosado’s work, we can feel the will to represent that in which we all participate (from the cityscape to the communication networks, and the relationships between these elements). The mapping of a non-concrete space, the bringing together of different urban registers and the investigation of the volumes that create (dis)organization in the urban space are exposed through the use of different media and different qualities. It is a concrete example of the use of spray and its reference to urban ways and to the marking of territory through graffiti, stencil or tags on the surfaces of public spaces. Color is also central to David Rosado’s practice; rather than mirroring reality, its use summons up the synthesis of this reality, filtered through the library of memories, dreams or personal contradictions. This is not about portraying the idea of a certain urban reality, but rather about the representation of a route through the city, questioning the experiences and problematizing the urban landscape in a continuous dialogue with a fertile visual language.

Born in Évora, 1976


2004 BA in Visual Arts/Painting and Multimedia Universidade de Évora


2007 De profundis profundis, Galeria Símbolo, Porto
2007 De profundis, Galeria Sopro, Lisboa
2006 Opus Modularis, Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa
2004 Monsaraz Museu Aberto, Monsaraz
2002 56080099, Galeria INATEL, Évora


2007 Prémio Salúquia, Câmara Municipal de Moura
2003 Museu do Esquecimento, Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes, Lisboa
2002 Colectiva, Galeria 21, Évora
1995 Gesto Criador,Paços do Concelho,Évora

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