José António Almeida Pereira

LOOKS UP WHEN HEARS A PLANE PASS BY OR WHEN A BIRD FALLS ON THE FOREHEAD, 2003 | Acrylic and oil on canvas, 0.92x3.67m

Four “notes”, four contiguous “photograms” represent a clear blue sky and present the word “lightness”. The sky is clear because before reaching the “sky” one’s gaze is intercepted by the flight of a bird or a plane, otherwise it would be simply “blue”. Canvases in oil and acrylic represent an undetermined time-space. Two initial paintings apparently symmetrical (were it not for the presence of the text); a third rectangle, “Watt”, of only marginally greater height and width than the parts which precede it and the painting which follows it. This last square retains in the final vertical edge of the whole, held in the beak of the two elements, the free flight of the four pairs of wings. It could be said the work is hitching a ride from Leonardo to Panamarenko, not forgetting Richter.


2003 Plastic Arts/Painting Course at Porto University, Faculty of Fine Arts


2002 Torto, audiovisual presentation at the Anikibóbó Bar, Porto
2002 Pal Plus, “O Museu” Gallery, Porto University, Faculty of Fine Arts


2002 (Untitled), Old Fire Station, Coimbra
2002 FIG project, Nova deluxe, Porto
2002 Flashcontacto, Artemosferas, Porto
2001 Points of Contact III, Exhibition circuit, City of Porto
2001 Points of Contact II, Exhibition circuit, City of Porto


2003 Graphic design of magazine of the 26th Vila do Conde Handicraft Fair, with Marcelo Valente
2003 Musical remix for the Autumn/Winter 2002/2003 Fashion Show, Miguel Flor, Moda Lisboa
2001 Few of us, co-operation with Miguel Flor in a special edition of Numero magazine Corpo Fast Forward
2001 Production of the Manifestations of Light Workshop under the guidance of Cathy Olive, promoted by the Science and Development Foundation, Campo Alegre Theatre
2001 Musical remixture for the Spring/Summer 2002 Fashion Show, Miguel Flor, Moda Lisboa

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