João Pedro Furtado Vilhena

BATHTUB #211, 2003 | Acrylic on wood, 70x70cm (diptych)

The Bathtubs series began in 1998. Since then it has evolved into several plastic forms. A series of paintings in acrylic on wood, they are representations of sections though bathtubs, in several views. Each module is a view. There is no sign of handwork or lines, just a patch of colour. In keeping with the nature of the piece it should be able to form an open object – installed on the wall – or a closed object – forming part of the wall/floor, wall/ceiling. The colours vary between brilliant, satin-finish and matt. They are paintings that, with a suggestion of being abstract, are figurative objects.


Sculpture course and advanced plastic arts course, Ar.Co (Art and Communications Centre, Lisbon)


2002 Galeria Presença, Porto Livraria Assirío & Alvim, Lisbon
2002 Museu Forte de Santiago, Funchal Galeria Bores & Mallo, Lisbon
2003 Galeria Castelo 66, Lagos Nasceu em Lisboa em 1978


2003 Prague Biennale 1, 2003, Galleria Nazionale Veletrzni Palac, Prague
2002 Os quatro elementos, Museu da Pedra, Cantanhede, Portugal
2002 Expect the world, moi non plus, Sparwasser HQ and Parkhaus, Berlin
2002 Montrouge Salon for young European creative artists, France
2002 Bolseiros e FinalistasAr.Co 01, Centro Cultural de Belém
2001 Parthenos: Centro Cultural de Lagos
2000 Perspectiva portuguesa da arte contemporanea, with Marta Wengorovious, Maison de l´Unesco, Paris
2000 2000greenspaces with Marta Wengorovious, Estufa Fria, Lisbon
2000 MicroArte with Marta Wengorovious, Portugal Pavilion, Hanover
1999 Ramaia, Armazem EPAC, Vila do Bispo
1999 Rama, Galeria Alvarez, Porto
1998 Exposed, Galeria ZDB, Casa de Rute
1997 NHXXI, Estufa fria, Lisbon

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