Stephan Balleux


Stephan Balleux is interested in exploring the medium of painting itself, by bringing together his pictorial interventions with a conceptual project. His approach is historical and thematic, analytical and emotional, reflecting simultaneously on the present and the future of the discipline. His process makes use of painting, sculpture, drawing and 3D animated videos in order to create objects that become visual hybrids. There is a strong photographic component in Stephan Balleux's work, especially in the series Cipher, a part of which is presented for the Ariane de Rothschild Prize. The photographic comes into play through a delicate painting technique, coupled with a painterly simulation of the texture of brushstrokes. The images used by Balleux are predominantly appropriations from either movies or historical documentaries, homogenized by the use of black and white. The chosen images are recognizable or at least familiar, and are then transformed by the addition of a foreign (pictorial and abstract) element that emanates from the artist’s own mythology. The perfection of his paintings, dialogues with the art historical tradition of the trompe l’oeil while their simultaneous presence on the canvas contradicts one another, a simulacra of reality which is at the same time a replica of the simulacra. This apparent conflict conveys an existential dimension to the painting, moving away from a pure demonstration of painting skills. In the 3D videos, Balleux translates his painting skills and aesthetics into a different universe, where the painterly becomes sculptural in which movement and time gain a corporal and physical dimension. Stephan Balleux masters the paintbrush in such a way that his work, through a variety media, always refer to the technique, tradition or experience of painting. Every effort reveal to the viewer the world of painting as seen by the artist: an organic living phenomenon.

Filipa Oliveira

Born in Brussels, 1974.


He studied Painting at the Fine Art Academy in Brussels and at the Higher Institute for Fine Art (HISK) in Antwerp.


2008 Brothers, Think.21 gallery, Brussels
2006 Painting painting 2.0, C.C.De Bogaard, Sint-Truiden
2005 Monographies d’artistes arts 00+5 (with Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir), Médiatine, Brussels 2005 Black sun, In the mood for light 2.0 (with Arnaud Gerniers), Belgian Off Art Zone, Brussels


2008 Un-scene, Wiels, Brussels
2008 Amusez-vous, Galerie Koal, Berlin,Germany
2007 Artes digitales, B.U.D.A, Kortrijk – Screening Artes digitales, Tellic arts exchange, Los Angeles
2007 Pushing the canvas, De Garage, Mechelen
2007 Video Killed the Painting Star, Domus 2002, Salamanca, Spain
2006 Factura, De Markten, Brussels (2006), Victorian Circus II, Brakkegrond, Amsterdam
2005 La Belgique visionnaire, Bozar, Brussels
2005 Boost in the shell, De Bond, Brugge


2006 Albert Camus award
2003 Godecharles award
2002 Echo Médiatine award
1999 Jos Albert award 

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