Benoît Platéus


Benoit Platéus proposes an original perspective on visual (de)construction, which establishes a dialogue of potential connections between the real and the fictional world of images. While he used to focus on photography (1996 – 2004), he now favours processes for revealing images through a variety of graphical techniques. Whether he enlarges the photocopy of an image found in a newspaper, manipulates it to make a stencil (Page 21, 2007), or traffics the pages of a manga strip by removing certain parts and adding his own collages (Untitled, 2008), Benoit Platéus is intimately elaborating a new language of the image by superimposing distinct universes. In front of his works, we are no longer sure if the image is appearing or disappearing. The image (de)forms and stretches until it starts to decay (La bête noire, 2006; OUAA, 2007). It always had something fluid about it, like spilt mercury that hesitates to move (L'apparition détaillée, 1998, reflective adhesive vinyl), a liquid that does not flow but breaks up and spills in fragments. The eye seeks to reconstruct reference points, but looses itself, wanders and surrenders. It is no surprise that the artist has used an optotype (De gauche à droite, 2001), an optical reference grid, to gauge visual acuity. And yet it matters little whether the eye has been adjusted or not when in other photographs it is the reflection, the visual gap that is captured at a precise moment (Untitled, 2001). There is no doubt that these images and operating modes are also the breeding ground for a vast register of metaphors.

Cécilia Bezzan

Born in Chênée, 1972


2008 Galerie Baronian_Francey, Brussels 
2007 Galerie Aline Vidal, Paris 
2006 Iconoscope, Montpelier, France 
2006 Kunst Nu, S.M.A.K., Ghent 
2006 Project Room, Gallery Baronian_Francey, Brussels 


2008 It’s not fair – le monde est arbitraire, Huis Van winckel, Dendermonde (2008),
2008 Face it! How do you deal with reality?, Galerie Aliceday, Brussels 
2007 Urban connections, Centre d'Art de Chamarande, France 
2007 Multi/Plier, Galerie des Filles du Calvaire, Brussels 
2007 Vanaf nu, LLS387, Antwerp 
2007 East International 2007, Norwich Gallery, Norwich, UK 
2007 L'Observatoire Maison Grégoire, Brussels 
2006 Images Publiques, Espace 251 Nord, Liège 
2006 Chers Amis, Domaine de Kerguéhennec, France 
2007 Freestate, Ancien Hopital Militaire, Oostende 
2006 Wunderkammer, Musée d'Ansembourg, Liège 


2003 Prix Levis de la Couleur – La Jeune Peinture Belge 
1999 Ranked second of Belgacom Young Art Award

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