Sofia Boubolis

THE END N°2, 2008

Despite what some might think, the emerging art scene does not consist solely of hyperactive artists sampling every disciplines, mixing communication, art and marketing and flirting without scrupples with the dictatorship of the new. Some still strive to paint, to fill immaculate surfaces with pencil drawings and to satisfy a simple, yet singular need for self-expression. Once again, we might face the eternal debate between the ancients and the moderns, except that opting for tradition today goes along with a certain revolt against the ever¬-increasing complexity of our society. Sofia Boubolis seems to belong to this nostalgic trend. Seems, because these are only allegations; her humility forbids her from wishing to belong to anything at all. What remains are the altered, or rather patinated, dreams she produces using techniques such as drawing, painting and fresco. Sofia Boubolis fills her works with classical and romantic references: ruined monuments, luxuriant gardens, stuccoed fountains or grottoes, tapestries from a failed Italian hotel, photographs forgotten in an attic or postcards folded in four in a bag. Flirting with kitsch, but avoiding second-rate Italian restaurant style decoration, she manages to confer to her work a mysterious, dramatic and sometimes even morbid tone. Distortions appear here and there, as in the balcony of a classical villa which suddenly becomes a viscous thickening paint (Retour de Rome), or in the many sketches in homage to the works that have influenced her, from the Trevi fountain to Bambi, which she dilutes with solvent. Memory, impressions, dreams and history become a material as fluid as paint, and Sofia Boubolis, who seems to understand this well, uses this material to reinvent her modernity… or perhaps her own life?

David de Tscharner

Born in Liege, 1981


She graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels La Cambre in 2006


2007 Voyage, Code buro, Brussels


2008 Don't ask me to dance, Mobile Institute, Brussels
2008 Exposition collective, Centre Hellenique, Liege 
2008 Zero Gravity, Galerie Justin Morin, Metz
2007 Alone in the dark, Galerie Justin Morin, Metz
2007 Option Peinture La Cambre, Atelier 340 Muzeum, Brussels

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